Monday, January 30

Clinical Instrument Order for Batch 14

Salam, hi! The instruments order can be made tru this link << SORRY CLOSED ORDER>>
Payment is accepted either by cash or coupons.
*Please be noted that no change is returned if you are buying items which is less than coupon amount.

For any Insruments Details can visit here.

Any inquiries please contact Br Hafiz - 013-3085290

Thank you.


  1. Salam..mcm mane nk cek balik order?

  2. salam..ble kne bayar?coupon kne gne b4 31/3 kalu x silap.klu boleyh,make sure payment kne bwat b4 31/3 ea..coz nk baya gne coupon tq=)

  3. Zenith Boy: Boleh tnya Br Hafiz Mahadar @ boleh cek kat sini

    utk bayaran;boleh buat pd Br Hafiz stat from today.
    p/s:coupon boleh advance dsbbkan tarikh limited.